MFR | Why should the MFR?

PB / EC quite new technology uses two regulators were 70 years, Composite Technology Regulator has been reduced to a single pipe or 40 years.
While almost all companies use complement both companies have many of the skills cast each one adds a pipe or valve as a temporary solution, the rear pipes to make sure the pressure the situation in use in such a way that opening. In this situation, we are confident that this innovative technology MFR change the landscape of the market.

MFR | The structure of the existing system

1. Existing PB / EC control 2. Multiple regulators
a. 5 inside the pipe is required. Many, depending on the pipe hole, tabs, bosses, the high cost and long time to weld and support of the pipe Consumed a. 4 inner pipe is required. Many holes and tabs,
b. Boost, regulator, pressure regulator, reverse disasters, as well as a safety valve turns off, and many parts are needed b. Multiple regulators, reverse disasters, as well as a safety valve turns off, and many other parts needed
c. If you are installing a horizontal or inefficient, especially if you use the LNG tank pressure function c. If you are installing a horizontal or decompression functions, particularly inefficient when used in LNG tanks

MFR | outline

for Cryogenic Storage

Simple operation and easy operation, a new concept of MFR is the fruit of technological innovation complements the chronic shortcomings of the existing complex control or PB and the EC system that is currently widely used in the world.
Decompression technique used to date has been achieved in a cryogenic tank in such a manner as to release the excess gas by using the differential pressure of the gas and the liquid pipe.
However, the differential pressure is released betting excess gas pressure drop rate slightly because they too have yeoteot too slow and needs a lot of time pressure regulation.
MFR has been developed to solve this problem.
MFR is due to its operation, with the ability to automatically change a flow path in place of the pressure difference, the function of the step-up and pressure increases dramatically.
If the description summarizes the functions of the MFR, the tank pressure is higher than the boost pressure setting, the gas pipe is transmitted to the gas in order to reduce the pressure inside the tank immediately.
The transmission of gas to bleed.
Similarly, if the tank pressure lower than the pressure set pressure liquid pipe is fed into the liquid cycle repeatedly opened fire.
If the tank pressure is lowered by 0.05 ~ 0.1 MPa than the set pressure of the MFR, the booster will raise the tank pressure pipe opens automatically.

Benefits of MFR

1. PB / EC function is very stable. In Korea, already it patented the invention and are, China, the United States is underway and the patent application. I was able to have confidence in the performance of our MFR through years of testing.
2. The piping inside and outside the tank significantly reduced. For example, for a 5 tons tanks commonly used by using the MFR it can reduce the cost of the pipe 30 meters.
3. The drive is very simple. All features work only set once.
4. There is no need to wait for hours to see the existing models like the set pressure. MFR is the set pres sure check is immediately available within five minutes after installation.
5. Tank manufacturer of innovative cost savings to you and me. Labor and time savings, as well as all components to be used in the piping is reduced dramatically.

Existing PB / EC control/ MFR Compare

Existing PB / EC control When using the MFR
Step-up, one each for pressure regulators used separately Installing the PB and EC only MFR without the need to separately use
Activation of the pressure difference: Use the Head pressure, gas is sent to the load using the pipe Flow control through a change: quickly adjust the pressure to automatically control the flow path changes in the gas and liquid line
Pressure adjustment operation is not easy,because apart from two regulators The 0.05 ~ 0.1 MPa pressure differential control settings easily only once
This time to ensure the set pressure very long jams.
Loosen the rear ensure immediate pressure piping for the inconvenience that you need to check the gas flow
Set pressure just confirmed within 5 minutes
Need to adjust several valves because the pressure groups controlled by the pressure differential, and the pressure is stabilized jams are a long time The pressure control is immediately, the operation is very simple, also

An excellent solution to reduce costs

(Reducing the cost of 1 million won ~ ten million won, depending on tank capacity)

1. The amount of the piping greatly juleodeum
2. Valve station natural disaster, such as a safety valve that can be partially omitted,
3. Production costs and shrink the labor force
4. Easy and pressure-boosting features