MFR-EL print

Product Specifications

Available fluid LN₂,  LO₂,  LAr,  LCO₂,  LNG
Flux 300~25,000 N㎥/h
Maximum operating pressure Low pressure2.0 ㎫
High pressure4.0 ㎫
Adjustable pressure range Low pressure 0.2~1.7 ㎫
High pressure 0.6~3.5 ㎫
Drive temperature -196℃~40℃

a. Solution to prevent losses due to gas leakage in the discharge pipe
b. The simple modifications are possible in the existing system, reliable operation
c. Except for the absence of the step-up function and type ELP is same

*Suitable for adaptation to the existing tank
*In the case of LCO2 available on the new tank
*Less than 5 tons of tanks suitable for the user can be reduced, and losses due to gas leakage (Farm, suitable for gas mixers, welding, greenhouses, etc.)
*Pressure, including liquid supply pipe(without the boost function)

MFR Flow Data table

Pressure7bar, Temperature-196℃, Liquid Nitrogen,900㎜ liquid boosting the ability of the above
•Liquid flow rates of gas compared to Transmission Quantity: N㎥/hr

Dimensions Can flowmeter
PB Liquid
PB Gas
The maximum
liquid Take-out
The maximum
gas Transmission
The crosssectional
area (㎡)
gas Transmission
1m/sec 3m/sec 5m/sec
15A(1/2″) 4 900 160 20 12,900 4 300 900 1,500
25A(1″) 14 3,200 580 70 45,200 14 1,200 3,600 6,000

Format Function Pressure Range(㎫) Size(㎜) Weight(㎏)
EL-15L EC,LS 0.2~1.7 240×140×115 4
EL-15H EC,LS 0.6~3.5 240×140×115 4
EL-25L EC,LS 0.2~1.7 380×200×160 4